Wedding Finally

A Honeymoon on the Boardwalk

After a busy week, the new couple was glad to leave town.  They hadn’t been anyplace together since their wedding.  Now they were going somewhere – Atlantic City!  They will be staying at the Bally’s right at Park Place and the Boardwalk, the place she’d dreamed about when playing Monopoly.  He’d gotten their room at a discount – only $69 per night – using a Groupon promo code.   Atlantic City wasn’t Paris or Pompeii but she didn’t want to honeymoon seeing old stuff or ancient folks anyhow.  And there’d be lots of fun and frolicking on the Boardwalk.  Now they’d get to share recreation time together.  The ocean, the nightlife and excitement would all be at their doorstep.

How’d they’d gotten together was a story all by itself.  She was a librarian; he was a research specialist.  When he came in she thought he was the repairman – they’d expected someone to fix the meeting room lights.  She was surprised when he asked for help finding some research items.  She found the materials and went back to work. He showed up that evening as their guest speaker!  Their relationship developed from there, though they seemed as different as oil and water.  He liked art and music, she preferred TV; he liked exotic foods while she preferred American fare.  He liked big cities with tall buildings while she was a suburbanite who hated living in high-rise apartments.  Yet somehow, they clicked and were soon living together in one of those “apartment towers” (though just on the third floor).  He did much of the cooking, preferring his favorite cuisines.  But he also took a liking to fries, chops and barbecue.  She begun liking poetry and theater, though still preferring Dylan to Shakespeare.

Despite their differences they liked being together.  Take playing cards.  Neither one gambled but both enjoyed it.  They sat in once at a friendly poker party where he was one of the winners.  When it broke up he left his winnings on the table, saying it was impolite to take folks’ money at a friendly game so his would help pay for the pleasant evening.  That impressed her, when he came to the library again she was there to see him.  And six months later they were married. Now they were off to Atlantic City, where they would enjoy all their favorite entertainments, activities, foods and shows together!

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