How to get started with coding?

It’s a bit intimidating to hear “code” or “programming being discussed for the first time, especially in the case that it’s not something you are familiar with.

The majority of people approach learning programming using an engineering or coding point of view.

This is a fairly common pattern. The conversation will revolve around languages and how much they know instead of talking about a particular process. Everyone speaks a different language fluently, so there’s nothing wrong with that. It can be confusing for newcomers however, if they become too focused on the details.

What is the code?

Code is basically a list of instructions that are given to the computer. The compiler interprets these instructions and provides the computer a set of steps to follow to complete the task. The “something” could range from displaying text on a screen, or joining two numbers. The code is only available in text files that can be executed by different software (more on this in the future).

The reason for it being called Code is because the programming language (which contains the list of instructions) might be thought of as a secret code. It must be understood by the computer, not humans. This is the reason there are code tutorials available that could be written in a different language. These tutorials are just texts that are human-readable, however, they don’t mean anything until they’re actually read or heard from speakers.

When someone mentions “code” you shouldn’t think about an equation immediately. Instead you should think about running commands/textfiles!

If you are familiar with some information about Code and a good idea of how to approach existing code, this can be an excellent way to get started with it. You can use any of the tutorials for programming that are available, or do a Google search if you’re looking to master a new language. This will let you master the basics of programming and will give you a taste of what it’s similar to before you get started!

Keep in mind that these programs are generally simplified (which is logical since they’re “tutorials” at the end of the day!) They’ll show you how programs operate.

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If you’re a beginner the whole thing is going to be a bit unfamiliar to you!

Here’s a look at the code that comes from the basic Python tutorial looks like:

print “Hello World!”

This is the very first line from the infamous “Hello World” program. It’s regarded as a custom for people who are not used to programming, and can help you understand what code really is. It tells the computer what it should print following the “:” symbol on the screen or in any text file saved on your hard drive. Although this is not the way all programming languages function however, it is a good way to help you comprehend the basics of programming.

The best way to master to program is through practice! The more you code, the more efficient you’ll be. We hope this is helpful to beginners just beginning their journey to learning to code.