How to keep your pet safe

The dogs and cats are lost every day, for a simple reason: They escape our houses. Accidentally. They went missing from their homes. We don’t know why. Be sure to keep your pet indoors! Keep your pets inside in the event that you must leave them outside.

How do pets get lost?

Pets get lost for many reasons. Sometimes, they’re interested and seek to discover the world within them. Some times, they run away because you let them go without having a leash.

Pets are prone to wandering off, so make sure to mark your pet’s name and address in case that they wander off. If you don’t wish to take your pet outdoors ensure that they’re inside a closed area such as an animal carrier or kennel.

A cat is lost only if it gets out of the home, so make sure to keep your pet indoors whenever possible. If you have friends coming over, remember that they may not know the location of your cat’s food bowl and litterbox are. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the door closed.

Your pets are protected at home

Remember that leaving your doors unlocked for too long can cause potential harm to your pet. For example the cat will require regular water supply and food throughout the day. They will not survive without these things because they are living things who depend on us to keep them alive and healthy.

Pets can’t communicate with you and can’t fight back against anyone who tries to harm them. Keep your pets within at all costs! It is safer for your pet remain inside.

If you have to go outside with your pet you must ensure that it is secured or in an animal carrier with air vents to stop suffocation. Be sure to note their address! If they do get lost out there, the shelter will know where they are.

You can make use of the same crate both dogs and cats but ensure that they aren’t getting in each other’s way when they’re inside. You can use different crates for pets. If your cat is big or strong, it is possible to put it in a separate carrier with air holes underneath. It is suggested that you use a heavy-duty carrier for your pet if it is massive or robust (like German Shepherds) because lightweight carriers could be prone to damage. You should never keep too many animals in the same cage. They may cause injuries to one another.

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It’s not recommended to tie your pet up for extended periods of time. If you plan to take your pet outside, use the leash so that they can’t escape! If you’ve got friends coming over then ask them if would like to visit your pet in advance. While you talk about your pets and ask questions, you could serve them refreshments or snacks. Always be there for your pet!

Make sure your pet is taken care of and ensure they feel safe in their own home! It’s also a good idea to inquire with your neighbours if they’ve witnessed any missing animals in the streets. If we all do our part, then their homes will be protected from danger. Let’s take action to keep them healthy and happy!